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Forest Lake Chiropractor,
Dr. Jim Laskow

A Slip In The Shower Led Me To A Chiropractor

Forest Lake Chiropractor Dr. Jim Laskow

Dr. Jim Laskow

When I was nine years old I slipped in the shower reaching for a piece of candy I had set aside on a shelf (kids do the darnedest things!). My head hit the side of the tub so hard I blacked out. Two days later with lightening like shooting pains from my neck on down and realistic fears of paralysis, my mother took me to her mothers chiropractor. To make a long story short: although I barely walked into the doctors office; I comfortably walked out and quickly got back to a normal life.

That was just the beginning for me. Successful treatment for chronic ear infections, disc injuries from a car accident, headaches, a torn rotator cuff to countless sports injuries…I can honestly say that first adjustment changed my life forever!

My Chiropractic Journey

I attended the University of Minnesota where I played soccer and studied for a BIS degree in Speech Communications, Marketing and Sociology. With fading dreams of becoming a professional soccer player, and a brief stint working for two large corporations, I was encouraged by my Chiropractor to follow my gut. He knew I had an intense interest in health and fitness along with enjoying working with people. So, I returned to school and received a doctorate and B.S. in Human Biology at Northwestern Health Science University in 1997.

In my career I’ve been fortunate to participate as a team physician for the Alpine Skiing World Cup, Ironman Triathlon World Championships, National Aerobics Fitness Championships, National Go-Kart Championships and work with several professional athletes. Although I’m still passionate about athletics and treat those conditions, my focus has become family healthcare.

A Healthy Lifestyle

A balanced non-acidic diet, good mental and spiritual health, along with better lifestyle choices are the keys to restoring and maintaining optimal health. I’ve accepted the lifelong journey of balancing mental, chemical, and physical stresses in my personal and professional life. It’s not a race that has a finish line, it never ends…

Extraordinary health comes from long term active participation in those things that support well being; I work on those things daily and make it a priority to instill those values and truths with my 3 children.

We are very active and thoroughly enjoy the outdoors. If you don’t find us on the beach, biking, or near a lake in the Boundary Waters, you might find us snowmobiling or skiing. I try to practice what I preach; I exercise a minimum of 3 times per week, visit my chiropractor weekly and do my best to eat local, fresh foods. Although some might consider my diet that of a rabbit (green, green and more green), I definitely have my moments with foods too.

All in all, as a type II diabetic, I fall back in line with an alkaline producing diet supplementing daily with fish oil, a multivitamin and/or green drink and glucosamine/chondroitin. My families approach to vaccines and over the counter medication falls in line on a case by case basis; consequently I’ve spent a lot of time reviewing the non-biased literature on these subjects and I’m never ashamed to say we do not vaccinate and only use medication as it was intended…for emergencies only. If I’m not searching through or other health websites I keep myself busy with our 4 year old and her schedule. My life’s never dull, that’s for sure!

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